i don't know why there's a hole in the sky

or why meaningless words are like flowers

Dragons can be beaten.
30 March 1989
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RESULTS: (525,600) (VIEWING 1-25) Female, non-deist humanist mystic, non-alcoholic Irish, activist, fantasy novelist, student, lover of children, outdoorswoman, yoga novice, urban explorer, museum lover, aspiring culinary artist, English Writing and Intercultural Studies major, artophile, library/bookstore fiend, fashion-blind, Myers-Briggs INFJ, demisexual panromantic lover, avid reader, poet, film-watcher, night owl, telephone-phobic, beloved of the animal kingdom, utter geek.

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I'm hoping to move on a little with this journal and start touching on topics other than myself. Politics, philosophy, writing, theory, news, activism, religion, mysticism, reviews of literature and music, and recipes are just a few of the things I'm hoping to begin weaving in.

Some days I have major and completely unrelated revelations about Harry Potter and the Christian bible within twenty minutes of one another. Those are good days.
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