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The two most important things in my life right now

Just over a month ago, I started writing this entry, but apparently never finished it:

"Medication at last. Turns out my TPOAb levels were at 768.0 -- healthy range is 0 to 9.0. And my TSH has finally spiked enough that they recognize me as hypothyroid. Woot!"

I've been on thyroid medication for, well, just over a month now. It's been rollercoastery. I had some definite ups a couple weeks ago, but I've been low again now for going on two weeks. It's discouraging to be back at square one when I'd gotten as far as square three...

But when I was up, man. I woke up easily between 7-8 instead of with a struggle at 9:30-10. I had serious energy; my friends noticed without me saying anything. I hadn't started to lose weight yet -- I'll expect that to take longer. But now I'm back at 9:30-10 wakeup and have gained four more pounds. I'll get another blood draw for a dose adjustment (if needed; I expect it will be) in three weeks. So fingers crossed that that helps me pull out of it again.

I've seen Star Trek: Into Darkness four times now; I'm going to see it for the fifth tonight. (Part of that is because I keep taking my friends to it. First with Matt, then John, then Adam, then Brian, tonight Bob and Kris. The other part of that is, well.) I am 90%/10% with my love/hate relationship with it. The big twist at the end (not the big twist in the middle) really annoyed me, although I'd seen it coming, it seemed out of continuity and more magic than science fiction. But there are numerous ways I've found to retcon in order to resolve the continuity issues in my mind, so that's going well.

I'm writing fanfic (um, duh) -- a Spock POV long one-shot, because that's the thing to be done right now. I'm reading a ton of fanfic, too. I read (and hated) the novelization. I'd hoped for "extended scenes" that were movie-canonical -- the first novelization had I think two of those, the writer had written it and then two scenes had been deleted from the theatrical release but not the book. But anything extra that was there was seriously crap. This author is noooooo good at these characters. His Spock and Sulu were especially abysmal -- their dialogue sounded like each other; I honestly wonder if he got them mixed up in his head sometimes. Spock had very unVulcan dialogue, and Sulu sounded wayyyyy too regimented at times. Anyway. I get to return that to Barnes and Noble and get my money back.

... LOL