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The Year of Living Dately

My Christmas gift to Matt was that I planned one surprise date per month for the year of 2013. January's date was a fancy Italian dinner and then drinks and desserts at The Barrelhouse Flat.

February's date was yesterday. I picked Matt up after his grad class and we went to brunch at Julius Meinl, an authentic Viennese coffee house. Then an afternoon beer at Hopleaf on our way up to a preview performance of the first theater adaptation of China Mieville's 'The City and the City', a political science fiction police drama, at the Lifeline Theatre, where we previously saw Neverwhere and Watership Down. Then I took Matt to a tapas restaurant - his first time doing Spanish tapas! - and then when we got home I gave him a pedicure, which he protested as 'indulgent'. ('It is! That's the point! Merry Christmas.')

You guys know I love this shit. Just had to brag a little.


That all sounds spectacular. :)

I love Hopleaf! I've been only once. Someday I should visit Chicago again. Would you meet up with me there?!