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Apr. 21st, 2015


(no subject)

Hello, LJ, my old friend.

I've had a rough few weeks, so I don't want to come back to you by talking about shitty stuff. Instead I'll think of some good things:

1) Lentil soup
2) Good listeners
3) Really good pens appearing on my desk that obviously were left there by mistake but oh well it's mine now
4) The Starbucks on Randolph that has the horoscope page at the end of the bar, so I can take a picture of Taurus and Aries and send it to Aleks while I'm waiting for my drink
5) Skype dates with siblings and loves
6) Making dinner for past mentors
7) Getting into new and productive routines

Oct. 14th, 2013


Again with the procrastinating

I'm again in that phase where I'm dreading a certain task (work-related, in this case) so much that I'm being super-productive on things I've been putting off, because it helps me not feel mad guilty about waiting six hours to get these damn deals done and put work away for the night.

Things and stuff:

* Tomorrow is my four-year anniversary with The Gentleman
* I'm finally back in therapy (four weeks and counting) and so far feeling positive about it
* Next Monday, I'm going to start the Fast Metabolism Diet, a 28-day wilderness of whole foods and "diet confusion" that I'm hoping can help my metabolism beat my angry thyroid
* Getting married a year from now! We're looking at October 12 and October 19 (12th is our frontrunner because of its convenient placement before Columbus Day)
* Thyroid update: my focus appears to be back, at least for now, but the sleep and weight are still getting worse rather than improving. Gah. Another blood test in the morning, then likely an appointment with my endo to sort out the next steps.
* I now have a writing date every week with two lovely coworker-friends and yoga once or twice a week with Aleks. I love having friend dates, and I love having regular dates, and I love this.

Jul. 12th, 2013



Boston/Vermont working vacation has been amazing. Cats (one with opposable thumbs) and long, productive talks and conniving with Aleks and board games and cooking. Tonight, makeover and going out dancing with Aleks and Darian.

Right now, apparently doing everything I can to not be working. STOP, TERESA, GET BACK TO WORK.

Jun. 24th, 2013



I got proposed to over the weekend (and I said yes and counterproposed with a ring of my own).

Full story will be on Facebook soon, and I'll try to remember to crosspost it here. :) :)

Jun. 20th, 2013



I've been posting a lot of private'd entries lately about my health, because it's disconcerting that that seems to be most of what I talk about nowadays here, but I guess it is the biggest and most immediate thing in my life. I sleep about 12 hours a night and I can't focus for the 12 hours I'm awake. I'm pinwheeling like never before. Go go go and not going anywhere. So how could I post about anything else?

thyroidCollapse )

Matthew and I are going to St. Louis this weekend to see a new opera, US-written, called "Champion", about a prizefighter. That's tomorrow night, and then all day Saturday we're going to hang out in St. Louis and see the sights and I'm going to show him the little grassy spot on the grounds of the Gateway Arch where I realized I had a mad crush on him, back in 2009. Ah, the days of yore.

Work's been a little rough. I've had trouble making productivity. But I had my monthly check-in today and my boss doesn't seem to have noticed? He's been swapping me all over the place, so I've been sort of a float where I'm needed. Some days I write, some days I edit, some days I work on projects or trainings. He's very grateful that I'm happy and willing and able to move where he needs me, and I'm grateful he's willing to let me have some variety in my work, so maybe I get a little leeway if I can't keep up with the others? One way or another, I hope it'll get better soon.

My endocrinologist was also very praising of my physical activity levels, and told me to keep it up. I think just having that encouragement will be enough to help me do that :) I participated in Bike to Work Week last week, tallying 70 miles biked, and then went on an 8-mile hike in Starved Rock State Park with my girl Aleks.

Next month we're going to Boston to see the gang (Hilary/Marshall, Josh/Darien, Aleks'll be back there) and going for a couple days up to Vermont to housesit with H and M. Super, super excited.

Life is hard. Life is good.

May. 28th, 2013


The two most important things in my life right now

thyroidCollapse )

star trek; no spoilersCollapse )

... LOL

Mar. 20th, 2013


(no subject)

It is just so exhausting to be so exhausted all the time.

Feb. 18th, 2013


The Year of Living Dately

My Christmas gift to Matt was that I planned one surprise date per month for the year of 2013. January's date was a fancy Italian dinner and then drinks and desserts at The Barrelhouse Flat.

February's date was yesterday. I picked Matt up after his grad class and we went to brunch at Julius Meinl, an authentic Viennese coffee house. Then an afternoon beer at Hopleaf on our way up to a preview performance of the first theater adaptation of China Mieville's 'The City and the City', a political science fiction police drama, at the Lifeline Theatre, where we previously saw Neverwhere and Watership Down. Then I took Matt to a tapas restaurant - his first time doing Spanish tapas! - and then when we got home I gave him a pedicure, which he protested as 'indulgent'. ('It is! That's the point! Merry Christmas.')

You guys know I love this shit. Just had to brag a little.

Jan. 22nd, 2013



I'm waiting on test results from my doctor and it is, like, the most stressful thing in the world. My appointment was last Wednesday, and yesterday when I called, the receptionist said my results are in but the doc hasn't had time to look at them yet... Come on, dude.

Dec. 26th, 2012



There should be some clause in my medical file reminding doctors that I have the constitution of a much older woman. Dear my doctor, with any study that you read that says such-and-such a symptom or drug interaction only affects women over the age of 50, you should be silently adding in your head "women over the age of 50 and Teresa Doyle."

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