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Again with the procrastinating

I'm again in that phase where I'm dreading a certain task (work-related, in this case) so much that I'm being super-productive on things I've been putting off, because it helps me not feel mad guilty about waiting six hours to get these damn deals done and put work away for the night.

Things and stuff:

* Tomorrow is my four-year anniversary with The Gentleman
* I'm finally back in therapy (four weeks and counting) and so far feeling positive about it
* Next Monday, I'm going to start the Fast Metabolism Diet, a 28-day wilderness of whole foods and "diet confusion" that I'm hoping can help my metabolism beat my angry thyroid
* Getting married a year from now! We're looking at October 12 and October 19 (12th is our frontrunner because of its convenient placement before Columbus Day)
* Thyroid update: my focus appears to be back, at least for now, but the sleep and weight are still getting worse rather than improving. Gah. Another blood test in the morning, then likely an appointment with my endo to sort out the next steps.
* I now have a writing date every week with two lovely coworker-friends and yoga once or twice a week with Aleks. I love having friend dates, and I love having regular dates, and I love this.