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I've been posting a lot of private'd entries lately about my health, because it's disconcerting that that seems to be most of what I talk about nowadays here, but I guess it is the biggest and most immediate thing in my life. I sleep about 12 hours a night and I can't focus for the 12 hours I'm awake. I'm pinwheeling like never before. Go go go and not going anywhere. So how could I post about anything else?

So, I had my two-month followup with my doctor today. My thyroid levels have dropped from unhealthily high to healthy-low range (healthy is 0.3 to 3.0, and I was at 5.9 two months ago, I'm now at 0.8). So they can't increase my dosage or I'll go into hyperthyroidism, which is absolutely terrible for your body, really hard on your heart especially, I guess.

But the problem is, I've gotten worse, not better. So whatever's wrong isn't linked to my TSH. The newest theory -- which we're going to test for two or three months -- is that there's something addled with my T3 levels. T4 is the majority of what the thyroid produces, so usually hypo is treated with T4 replacements, which is what I've been taking for the last two months.

But now we're going to try a mixed cocktail of T3 AND T4 and see if that helps. Maybe my T4 and TSH are fine and my T3 is out of whack. I'm hopeful. The doc says that if this T3/T4 cocktail don't work at all, we're going to have to rule out my thyroid as the source of the trouble and start digging for other problems. But I've got some time.

Matthew and I are going to St. Louis this weekend to see a new opera, US-written, called "Champion", about a prizefighter. That's tomorrow night, and then all day Saturday we're going to hang out in St. Louis and see the sights and I'm going to show him the little grassy spot on the grounds of the Gateway Arch where I realized I had a mad crush on him, back in 2009. Ah, the days of yore.

Work's been a little rough. I've had trouble making productivity. But I had my monthly check-in today and my boss doesn't seem to have noticed? He's been swapping me all over the place, so I've been sort of a float where I'm needed. Some days I write, some days I edit, some days I work on projects or trainings. He's very grateful that I'm happy and willing and able to move where he needs me, and I'm grateful he's willing to let me have some variety in my work, so maybe I get a little leeway if I can't keep up with the others? One way or another, I hope it'll get better soon.

My endocrinologist was also very praising of my physical activity levels, and told me to keep it up. I think just having that encouragement will be enough to help me do that :) I participated in Bike to Work Week last week, tallying 70 miles biked, and then went on an 8-mile hike in Starved Rock State Park with my girl Aleks.

Next month we're going to Boston to see the gang (Hilary/Marshall, Josh/Darien, Aleks'll be back there) and going for a couple days up to Vermont to housesit with H and M. Super, super excited.

Life is hard. Life is good.